It’s time to start writing my very first blog-post in my life.

Questions to discuss are given… Opportunities and challenges of studying Digital marketing. Yeap! Since recent time, I’m studying in Southampton University and want to obtain Masters Degree in Digital Marketing.

So… Where to start…?

Well, first of all I would like to say that in United Kingdom is a very different way of teaching in comparison with Ukraine. Teaching here is set up on a practical basis, throughout the lecture professor provides some examples mixed with theoretical part. While in Ukraine, most of all, you are given only entire theory. That is why it is very unusual for me but I like it a lot.

Also, at the University we have well structured system called “BlackBoard”, where professors post everything that is related to a certain module. It was the first challenge I faced with, because I never had experience with similar systems. I need to frequently check it for updates, things can sometimes change a lot. I’m still not used to that, though I am studying here for second month. My second challenge was that I need to communicate in English a lot, not just everyday chatting but professional discussions. Due to the fact that in Ukraine we never had lectures in English, except language lectures, at first it was hard to me to catch up some topics.

Southampton is very multinational university, there are many international students in my group such as Chinese, Romanians, Greeks, Taiwanese and couple of English but still I am the only one Russian speaking. At first I thought it was disadvantage, but now I understand that it is not only a good opportunity to practice and improve my English skills, but also it is a cross-cultural learning and nice chance to share experience.

So I have started talking about opportunities…

Actually for me the greatest opportunity is that I got a chance to obtain master degree in digital marketing because it will let me to do what I dreamed of since I finished studying at school. I was looking for this program for a long time due to the fact that in Ukraine there are no such studies and most marketers gain knowledge from their own work experience but it takes a lot of time. University of Southampton is one of the few universities that have it. While been here I already acquired couple of useful skills and got lots of interesting information, ideas and experience.

Students who study at University of Southampton in the future will be good specialists in their spheres and studying here is a great opportunity to get acquainted with them and keep in touch in future. But while we are still students, it is a good chance to find supporters or “confederates”  and maybe even create some project or start-up with help of gained knowledge, skills and experience in University of Southampton.

Overall, having all that challenges can improve you and give you great opportunities. As for me it is worth it!


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